Blackbird Group Watches Over Active Directory

Blackbird Group Watches Over Active Directory

How such a large presence in the Active Directory management arena could have missed my radar, I don’t know, but I found myself speaking for the first time this week with the Blackbird Group about its Blackbird Management Suite. It covers nearly every facet of management one might want and is comprised of modules, which can also be licensed individually:

Blackbird auditor. Monitors Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GPO) changes in real time.

Blackbird privilege explorer. Shows who has access to which AD and Windows resources.

Blackbird privilege manager. Lets data owners control access and changes to their resources without infrastructure changes.

Blackbird protector. Protects against unauthorized and accidental modifications  to objects in AD.

Blackbird recovery. Provides real-time change monitoring and recovery to ensure the continuous availability of applications and access rights.

Blackbird detroubler. Provides a stand-alone backup and recovery solution for Novell’s eDirectory, as well as the Active Directory platform.

Interestingly, Blackbird Group finds its sweet spot in the enterprise space but also notes that shops with 500 to 1,000 users like its module approach, selecting, say, just Blackbird recovery or Blackbird auditor and adding other modules later as needed.

The company plans to announce at TechEd 2010 its release of support for Windows File system auditing and reporting. The Blackbird Group website tells more.

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