Bing Travel Beta for Windows Phone 8

Bing Travel Beta for Windows Phone 8

It just gets better and better

Having just published a short post about the Beta version of Bing Food & Drink for Windows Phone 8, I was told that a Beta version of Bing Travel is also available. This is another great Bing app ported from Windows 8.1 to Windows Phone, in this case also in prelease form.

Check out my post Bing Food & Drink Beta for Windows Phone 8 for a quick overview of that app. It appears that the only major Bing app we're missing now on Windows Phone 8 is Health & Fitness. Clearly, it's gonna happen.

But first, Bing Travel Beta.

This one appears to be a very complete port of the Bing Travel Beta experience from Windows 8.1. It includes all of the same major sections, and all of the same tools, including flight arrivals and departures, flight status, flight search, and hotel search (the latter two hand you off to other services for the actual purchases).

Like the other Bing mobile content apps, Bing Travel Beta provides a beautiful panoramic experience.

And as I demonstrated with Bing Food & Drink Beta, Bing Travel Beta also nicely takes advantage of the default portrait orientation of a smart phone with rich functional sections.

Aside from the neat tools, you'll find trip ideas, travel news, and rich destination panoramas with weather forecasts, photos, attraction lists, restaurants, hotels, and more. And you can sign in to your Microsoft account to sync favorites across devices (including between Windows and Windows Phone).

All in all, another fantastic Windows Phone app.

You can download Bing Travel Beta from the Windows Phone Store.

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