Big launch day for Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Big launch day for Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Launch Day.

Here in Florida that phrase has a very different meaning as we routinely get to witness powerful rockets as they launch into the skies above Cape Canaveral.

For Microsoft, Launch Day has multiple meanings today because not only are the latest additions to the Surface line of hardware products landing on retail shelves and early adopters doorsteps but they are also opening their flagship retail store on New York City's Fifth avenue.

The craziness does not stop today either as v2 of their popular Microsoft Band wearable will arrive this Friday and then next month two new Microsoft Lumia handsets will be released running Windows 10 Mobile (950/950XL). Over the next couple of months there is also the expected November release of the Threshold 2 update to Windows 10, the new Windows 10 based Xbox console dashboard and then Windows 10 Mobile in December.

However, this hardware launch is the focus right now because for the first time enthusiasts and early adopters will finally get their hands on the Surface Book - Microsoft's latest entry into the hardware market - a unique two in one device.

Last week the reviews for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book hit the internet and as expected Surface Pro 4 builds upon the great features that were already available in Surface Pro 3. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive so no big surprise here as Microsoft is continuing with what has become a sure thing.

On the Surface Book side things were a little different. New form factor from the software company, uses a lot of lessons from Microsoft’s experience building the Surface Pro over the last few years and brings along new concepts to the tried and true Surface experience.

For the most part the reviews last week of Surface Book were quite positive while there were some noted issues that were attributed to it being a v1 device. Remember the launch of the initial Surface devices suffered from these same type of early version issues as well.

Some of the areas that were noted in these reviews included:

  • Cost
  • Weight
  • Short screen battery life when in Clipboard mode
  • Screen flexes/bounces in laptop mode
  • Does not close flat like other laptops due to the hinge
  • Software issues
  • Windows Hello not working due to unreleased drivers

That last issue was fixed over this past weekend when Microsoft released a firmware/driver package download and pushed out the drivers over Windows Update.

There were also a list of accolades about the new device as well:

  • A device that actually works like a laptop
  • Attractive
  • Great design and build quality
  • Serious performance
  • Lives up to the advanced billing

Many reviewers will continue to put the Surface Book through its paces but I am looking forward to hearing what the enthusiasts and early adopters have to say as they begin to receive their new devices today.

I have no doubt these folks will be installing their typical software programs including the stuff they use each day for leisure, work and development plus installing all the available Windows 10 updates that have come out since their Surface Book was created.

For me the use of a new device that is based on the perspective of a daily user is important to show the overall capabilities of the hardware because it is based on the experience of the user from a non-reviewer perspective.

I will be closely monitoring social media as these devices begin to arrive later today.

Let us know if you have ordered one and what the experience has been like so far.

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