Best Software - 09 Sep 2003

ScriptLogic 4.0
Windows & .NET Magazine readers voted ScriptLogic 4.0 Best Software in this year's Readers' Choice awards. ScriptLogic desktop-administration software lets you manage consistent Windows client configurations and helps simplify network-management tasks and reduce the time necessary to perform those tasks. You no longer have to make repeated trips to each desktop or learn a scripting language. The solution launched 4 years ago, and the product's name is derived from a time when administrators used logon scripts to centrally manage desktops. Although the passing of time has brought innovation to the way administrators manage desktops, administrators still have the same problems and concerns they had in the past.

Brian Styles, ScriptLogic founder and chief technology officer (CTO), said, "ScriptLogic has always used a proactive approach to preventing specific pain points that are taxing to network administrators. These issues can be nuisance tasks that require just a few minutes on each computer but can add up to an 8-hour day to an administrator who manages hundreds of computers."

ScriptLogic's Validation Logic technology lets you centrally configure and control every user and computer setting. You can roll out the latest service pack, create new Microsoft Outlook mail profiles, deploy new printers, configure proxy settings, and tighten security policies. The software's graphical-based management console lets you centrally control drive mappings, search paths, time synchronization, desktop shortcuts, startup applications, Internet settings, antivirus updates, and the display of legal notice and pop-up messages. Although the software gives you control over clients without requiring you to learn a scripting language, ScriptLogic also lets you add functionality through the use of custom scripting.

Going forward, ScriptLogic has confidence that the software will continue to meet administrators' needs. Jason Judge, ScriptLogic CEO, said, "With increasingly complex distributed computing, today's systems administrators are faced with ever-increasing challenges. Our goal is to continue to offer best-of-breed software solutions that extend ScriptLogic's functionality into a robust, interactive solution set."

ScriptLogic supports Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x clients. The software is available in enterprise, professional, and smallbusiness editions.

Boca Raton, Florida
561-886-2400, or
Averages about $12 per seat
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