Best Service and Support - 09 Sep 2003

No IT department is like another, and thus every IT department's service and support needs are unique. The unparalleled diversity of Dell's support services is what motivated our readers to vote the company to the top spot in this category. According to Jan Uhrich, vice president of Dell America's Enterprise Support Services, "Dell's support services are malleable, and we shape them to fit the needs of individual customers."

Dell has designed its enterprise services support suite to address the unique needs of your organization. "Customer experience is vital," said Uhrich. "Every customer wants things a little different, so an essential aspect of Dell's support is that we provide the most relevant service in any given circumstance." Dell becomes an attentive partner in your organization and works with you to quickly solve problems.

"Every support technician represents a single point of accountability," Uhrich continued. "That technician takes ownership of a given solution, no matter whose problem he or she is solving, so that we're all in the critical situation together." Through Dell's direct model, the company can resolve a large percentage of its customer-support problems remotely.

A component of the Dell support structure is its field-based technicians, dedicated professionals who offer varying levels of expertise and skill sets to make up a worldwide service force. If you add up Dell's remote personnel and field technicians, both Dell-badged and partners, the company has tens of thousands of support technicians—a powerful and flexible force. "Our combination of remote phone personnel and field technicians adds up to a formidable support model around the customer," Uhrich said.

Dell's service and support begins with warranty support, and customers can upgrade to three higher support levels. The Silver level is intended for noncritical systems (e.g., development or departmental servers) but offers expert and prompt remote and onsite service from support technicians. The Gold level targets business-critical requirements and offers the expanded benefits of Dell's enterprise service model. Technical Account Managers (TAMs) and Expert Centers are ready to collaborate with you to troubleshoot and repair your systems so that you minimize downtime. Finally, the top-tier Platinum level is a tailored, comprehensive site-based support system that grows out of a relationship that you develop with a designated Platinum TAM.

Dell has support centers all over the world. You can call your local support center and obtain support that's localized to your language and cultural necessities. But the true power of Dell's service structure is its combination of a remote support force and thousands of in-the-field technicians—a comfortably flexible and powerful combination.

Round Rock, Texas
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