Best New Product - 09 Sep 2003

SunbeltRookie of the Year
Readers' overwhelming favorite product in the Rookie of the Year category was Sunbelt Software's iHate-Spam Server Edition (SE). Alex Eckelberry, Sunbelt Software president, said, "iHateSpam has been one of the most successful products in our 9-year history."

iHateSpam SE lets you control spam according to user and company needs. The product features a constantly updated spam engine and spam filter at the server level to capture spam before it enters the user's Inbox. You can choose to quarantine a message to a designated mailbox or delete the message entirely.

"iHateSpam is unique in its approach to spam because it features the completely optional ability to include the end user in the process, without any client software needed," Eckelberry said. You can choose to bring the end user into the process by letting him or her make decisions about what is or isn't spam. For example, you can let an end user access a quarantine folder, and if a certain message is from an opt-in list, the user can put the message on a whitelist and continue to receive messages from the list. "The ability for users to create their own quarantine folder and view the spam that the software caught relieves the administrator of tedious work," Eckelberry continued. "iHateSpam also features a policy- based approach to let you adjust and fine-tune levels of protection based on users' needs. The protection level that works for the accounting department might not be strong enough for sales or marketing. iHateSpam is flexible in its ability to balance users' needs." The software runs on Windows XP/2000/NT systems and supports Microsoft Exchange Server and Active Directory (AD).

Sunbelt Software
Clearwater, Florida
727-562-0101 or 888-688-8457
Starts at $395 for a 25-mailbox license; additional cost for annual maintenance
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