Band 2 App: Chancy Band is Fun and Useful

Band 2 App: Chancy Band is Fun and Useful

Want a random number generator on your wrist?

I can think of a stack of uses for something like this. For example, traveling to different tech shows I’m sometimes asked to host booth giveaways. To custom select a winner I generally drop out to to allow the web site algorithm to do the work.

The author of the app offers additional ideas, including: roll dice, flip a coin, fortune cookie, magic 8-ball, lottery numbers, playing card deck, party dice, drink decider, etc.

You get the gist.

The author also explains how the random generator algorithm works and how you can even strengthen the results by enabling or disabling Band sensors…

The band's accelerometer is the default source of the randomness. You can also enable the band's other sensors, such as the gyroscope, light sensor, heart rate, skin temperature, Galvanic Skin Response. I begin with Windows.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicBuffer generating 512 bits for me, then XOR data from the various sensors on top of it and use John Von Neumann washing for the sensors that don’t change very frequently (light sensor, heart rate, skin temp, GSR).

Additionally, Chancy Band supports Cortana input!

Here’s where to get it: Chancy Band

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