Azure PowerShell 0.8.3 Released

Azure PowerShell 0.8.3 Released

Just like anything that is part of Microsoft Azure, PowerShell seems to receive frequent improvements with constant updates. Azure PowerShell is built specifically to handle automation of Azure including things like creating, texting, and deploying Microsoft Azure services.

With Azure PowerShell you can create and configure cloud services, create and enable virtual machines and virtual networks, and fully deploy web sites.

Microsoft, today, released version 0.8.3 of Azure PowerShell. Here's what the update brings:

  • A restructured source code and installation folder
  • Web Sites: Return instances info from Get-AzureWebsite, and new “Slot1″ and “Slot2″ parameters for easier swapping between slots
  • Traffic Manager: Support for Weighted Round Robin policies and Performance policies with external endpoints
  • Role sizes information for Get-AzureRoleSize, Get-AzureAffinityGroup, Get-AzureService, and Get-AzureLocation cmdlets
  • A new “ClusterType” parameter for HDInsight

Azure PowerShell source code is distributed and available through a public repository on GitHub. You can find the latest bits here:

Microsoft Azure PowerShell

Documentation can be found here:

Microsoft Scripting Documentation Center

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