AvePoint Releases SharePoint Website Migrator

If you're struggling to find an easy way to transfer legacy web content into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, AvePoint recently announced a product that may help make your task easier: Website Migrator. According to AvePoint, this new product is designed to automate the often tedious process of migrating existing web content into SharePoint.

Website Migrator will migrate any content accessible via an HTTP or HTTPS protocol, including code, documents, images, and tables. Sharepoint admins will be able to preview all of the content before migration begins, and a variety of search, sorting, filtering, and discovery tools will help you migrate all the assets you need to.

AvePoint says that Website Migrator supports the creation of mapping schemas that can help simplify the migration of multiple websites and content pages, and can map source content to your existing SharePoint content framework, taking advantage of SharePoint design elements such as lists, calendars, and libraries. An automated link update procedure minimizes manual link-checking and testing, and the product also supports offline testing and migration to SharePoint Online and other SharePoint online environments. (AvePoint Web Migrator screenshot slideshow below.)

In a statement supporting the release of the product, Dr. Tianyi Jiang, AvePoint’s Chief Operating Officer, stressed the product's ease of use. “As SharePoint adoption accelerates, organizations are increasingly looking to consolidate their web-based assets into SharePoint," Jiang said. "Until now this was quite a tedious and error-prone process. Website Migrator provides the tools administrators need to streamline the migration and reduce its costs, with comprehensive mapping utilities, automated link management, and powerful content search and filtering functionality. Our goal is to provide SharePoint users what they need to fully leverage the platform for success, and our Website Migrator is another testament to this ongoing commitment."

Pricing for AvePoint Website Migrator begins at $2995 per license, and a feature-complete, 7-day trial version of the product is available for download at http://www.avepoint.com/download/.

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