AutoCorrect vs. AutoText

  • AutoCorrect is available in other applications. AutoText is available only within Word (and Outlook e-mail if Word is your e-mail editor). Therefore, AutoCorrect is more useful for content such as your company name, which will be used in multiple programs.
  • AutoText can replace an abbreviation with any content, including pictures, text with complex formatting, even tables. AutoText can contain anything you can do in Word. Therefore, within Word, AutoText can often be more flexible and powerful.
  • AutoText does not replace the abbreviation automatically—you must instruct Word to replace by pressing F3. Therefore, you can use real words and abbreviations for AutoText entries—they will not be mistakenly replaced.
  • AutoText entries can also be printed out, delegated between templates, and easily copied to other templates or other users.
We recommend you use AutoText when you have text that is longer than a few words or sentences. AutoCorrect should be used for shorter bits of text, and text that needs to be used in multiple Microsoft Office applications.
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