Is AT&T delivering Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 update to Lumia 830 devices?

Is AT&T delivering Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 update to Lumia 830 devices?

Although we have begun the new year waiting on the release of Windows 10 Mobile to existing eligible Windows Phone 8.1 devices it seems that one carrier agrees it is never too late for providing the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update for some of it existing Lumia handsets.

Earlier today and possibly over this weekend, a Nokia Lumia 830 I have on AT&T received an update labeled the Lumia Update for Windows Phone. Based on the build number of this generic sounding update, Build 8.10.15148.160, this is actually Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 (also known as GDR2) which was released by Microsoft last year.

AT&T listed this update on their site last October for the Nokia Lumia 830 devices but are just now pushing the update out Over-The-Air to the devices.

Windows 10 Mobile was originally expected to roll out to eligible Windows Phone 8.1 devices late last year but that date slipped and now there are rumors pointing towards 12 January 2016 as the possible release date for Windows 10 Mobile on these various devices.

I initially suspected this was an update that would be required for getting Windows 10 Mobile on this handset but, according to a Microsoft Lumia Support FAQ page, the minimum build for eligible devices is Windows Phone 8.10.14219.341. That means this GDR2 update is not even necessary for the Nokia Lumia 830 to get the Windows 10 Mobile release when it becomes available.

One last strange occurrence with this update is that even though the update showed it completed on the handset the build number on the device has not incremented even after a restart.

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 Update Success

This is a spare handset so I am not planning a reset at this point but I am curious if anyone else on AT&T is getting this update today. Please let us know in the comments below - thanks.

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