Apps to Help Locate Rare Pokemon

Apps to Help Locate Rare Pokemon

Those elusive, rare Pokemon can be found through the use of additional apps for both iOS and Android. These extra apps utilize Pokemon player experiences, showing where others have already located and caught some of the harder to find Poke-types.

Obviously, you have to be careful when downloading add-on apps. There have been reports of malware contained in some Pokemon-related apps. But, the following apps have been tested to work and contain no danger of malware.

For iOS:

  • Poke Radar - Poke Radar for Pokemon GO is an assistant app for discovering the location of any Pokemon that's been found by other players. Cost = FREE
  • Pokemon Go Maps Pro – Find the rarest Pokemon, Pokemon Go has offer, find hidden gyms, find rare checkpoints. Cost = .99

For Android:

  • GoMaps - GOMaps is a user content based community where you and your friends can help each other find the Pokemon you need or want. Cost = FREE
  • Pokemap: Map for Pokemon Go - You can filter through the different Pokémon and find the special rare Pokemon you are looking for. Cost = FREE.
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