Another Handy Word Function

Another Handy Word Function

I received quite a few Thank-You notes from admins who distributed my recent article on using the Microsoft Office Word Work menu to their users, so I thought I'd pass along another Word shortcut I use regularly.

I often have multiple documents open in Word, sometimes as many as 10 or 12 (so I can copy and paste notes I've accumulated on various subjects into a chapter or white paper). I use Word's Close All command to close all the documents automatically, instead of switching to each document one at a time and closing it.

When you use the Close All command, if any documents have been changed but weren't saved, Word asks if you want to save changes before closing, which makes the Close All command perfectly safe.

To add the Close All command to your toolbar or Menu bar in Word 2003 and earlier, use the following steps:

1. Choose Tools, Customize and move to the Commands tab.
2. Select the File menu in the left pane.
3. Select the Close All command in the right pane, and drag it to the Menu bar or the Toolbar.

To add the Close All command to your Quick Access toolbar in Word 2007, follow these steps:

1. Click the Office button in the upper left corner of the window.
2. Click the Word Options button at the bottom of the window that opens.
3. In the Word Options window, click Customize in the left pane.
4. In the Customize window, select Commands Not in the Ribbon from the drop-down list at the top of the window.
5. Select the option Show Quick Access Toolbar below the ribbon, if it's not already selected (I couldn't operate in Word 2007 without this toolbar, because I can't find any commands I need yet).
6. Select Close All, and click Add to add the command to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Note that Close All closes all open documents, but doesn't close Word; you have to do that manually if you're not going to continue working in Word.

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