AMIDuOS Gets a Lollipop Beta and Other Enhancements

AMIDuOS Gets a Lollipop Beta and Other Enhancements

Recently, in Turn Your Surface Pro 3 (or any Windows tablet) into an Android Tablet, I wrote a review for a Bluestacks competitor from AMI called AMIDuOS. AMIDuOS is an extremely good Android emulator for Windows computers. I still have it installed on both my Surface Pro 3 and my HP Spectre x360. I don't run it often and really find Android more of a novelty than a true productivity OS. But, I know for some of you, having the ability to run the Android tablet OS on a single, Windows-laden device is valuable.

Today AMI has announced a new offering for AMIDuOS where users can load up a beta version of Lollipop (Android 5.0.1). I'll be loading it up on the HP Spectre later today to give my thoughts on it, but wanted to give you a quick heads-up on how to get hold of it yourself.

Full press announcement: American Megatrends Unwraps Lollipop - Run Android 5.0.1 Apps on Windows Devices without Compromise

In addition to Lollipop, AMI tells me the following new features and enhancements are also included:

  • Compatibility with Android ART run time

  • Native support for 64-bit apps.

  • Improved A/V sync

  • Higher-performance graphics and audio

  • New APIs for Bluetooth LE, multi-networking, and NFC

You can download the beta from here:

If you're running AMIDuOS already, here some upgrade instructions:

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