Amazon Prime members get 20% discount on game pre-orders

Amazon Prime members get 20% discount on game pre-orders

If you are like me you love the idea of saving money and it is one of the reasons I am an Amazon Prime member.

I have run the numbers and between using the free Two-Day Shipping, Prime Music and Prime Video my household most certainly gets back more than the $99 subscription cost in program value each year.

As a gamer, my Prime membership also gets pre-ordered games on my doorstep the very same day of their release.

This week Amazon has sweetened that deal by giving gamers a 20% discount on any game pre-orders and for two weeks after their release.

This discount is for physical discs only but on a $60 game that means $12 off the purchase price. If you use this deal for just four pre-orders/newly released games it means you are getting a free game for every four game pre-orders/purchases you make.

For gamers who like to grab their games early this is perfect but even grabbing just one or two games per year combined with the other benefits of Amazon Prime make it a great bonus overall.

On a side note, Amazon almost always offers a special pre-order bonus of DLC exclusive to their buyers and so there is one more little benefit to add into the mix.

You can read Amazon's short FAQ about this new benefit on the Prime Exclusive Savings on Games FAQ page.

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