All A'Twitter about Blackhat/Defcon

So I finally decided to join the new millennium and try Twitter.  I have managed to resist the social networking technologies so far (other than this blog).  I don’t do Facebook, nor Myspace (I have serious privacy concerns with them) and most of the other technologies struck me as inane or huge time wasters.   Well through the constant nagging of a friend, I’m on twitter now and I can attest that I was right.  It is a huge time sink.. but it is lots of fun!  And potentially very addictive.  I’ve already had my wrist slapped and been told that more than 3 tweets a day is Ashton Kutcher territory and I am no Ashton (in so many ways!).   Anyways, after my initial barrage, I’ve got it down to a dull roar and will be using it to “tweet” the Blackhat and Defcon Conferences in a few weeks.  It should be fun to be able to immediately communicate thoughts on the latest technologies or hacks as they are announced/demo’ed.  And it should be great for making catty comments on the booth personnel, presenters or attendees (I’m allowed, being a veteran speaker of the show myself and having plenty of catty comments made of me).   Anyways, if you can’t make it but want a play by play of the two biggest security conferences in the industry, just log onto Twitter and follow “FearlesSecurity” for updates (its not a typo, they only allow 15 character nicks) .  Some updates will also be re-tweeted here on the magazine accounts.  So join me fellow twits as we tweet our way into the future….

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