Address Problems with Adobe Illustrator's Save for Web Option

I use Adobe Illustrator with Windows 2000 Professional. With every version of Illustrator I've used (including 7.0 through 9.0), whenever I choose the program's Save for Web option, I immediately get an error dialog box titled Problem with Shortcut, which states that Internet Explorer Customization Wizard.lnk is an invalid shortcut. If I click OK, the Save for Web process continues without error. However, I want to eliminate this error dialog box. Can you help?

I've seen this problem occur on systems on which the Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) is installed. Several Adobe applications (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator) include the Save for Web option that you mention, and the error occurs because these applications place shortcuts to all installer Web browsers (e.g., IE, Netscape) in a folder in the applications' installation directory. Unfortunately, on systems with IEAK, the shortcut you mention for the Customization Wizard is also incorrectly copied to this shortcut folder.

Luckily, the resolution is fairly simple. Just find and delete the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard shortcut file from the \Helpers\Preview In subfolder of every Adobe application that exhibits this problem. You can use Windows Explorer's search feature to easily locate all instances of Internet Explorer Customization Wizard.lnk on your hard disk, as Figure 1 shows.

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