Add Trusted Authority CA on iOS

Add Trusted Authority CA on iOS

Q: How can I add a trust root certificate to an iOS device?

A: As part of testing many different devices on my internal network, I need iOS devices to trust my internal enterprise root CA so all certificates it issues will be trusted. To do this, I performed the following:

  1. Download the iPhone Configuration Utility.
  2. Make sure the certificate you want to deploy to the iOS device is installed on your machine.
  3. Launch the tool.
  4. Select the Configuration Profiles workspace area.
  5. Click the New button.
  6. Under General, select a name such as Root Certificate Trust, and all other mandatory fields.
  7. Select the Credentials area, and click the Configure button.
  8. Select the certificate you wantto trust, then click OK.
  9. Connect the iOS device.
  10. The device will show under Devices;select it.
  11. Select the devices Configuration Profiles tab.
  12. The new profile will be displayed. Click Install.
  13. A message will be displayed on the iOS device prompting the user to click Install. Click Install on the device.
  14. Click Install Now to the confirmation.
  15. You will be prompted for your passcode, then the screen will change to Profile Installed. Click the Done button

Your device will now trust your internal Enterprise CA! I tested this on iOS7 with no problems.

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