Activating All Performance Counters

By default, Windows 2000 (Win2K) doesn't activate two of the core performance counters—network and logical disk monitoring. If you don't activate these counters, half of your performance tuning and sizing puzzle will be missing, which makes analyzing your system's performance extra challenging. If you're concerned about a performance-related problem, you need all the help you can get!

To activate Win2K Performance Monitor's network counters, install SNMP and Network Monitor services by clicking Add Networking Components in the Network and Dial-Up Services Control Panel applet. Next, select Management and Monitoring Tools.

By default, Win2K starts the physical hard disk counters. You can use the Diskperf command at a command prompt to control which disk counters are on or off. For more information about the Diskperf command options, type

diskperf -?

at the command prompt. If you want to activate both the logical and physical hard disk counters, run

diskperf -y

from the command line. You must reboot your system to activate these counters. In addition, you can use the Diskperf commands to start disk counters on remote systems, if you have the proper administrative privileges.

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