Access Denied--Configuring Group Policy’s Effective Settings

I have Administrator privileges on my Windows 2000 computer. I'm not part of any domain, just part of a workgroup on a university LAN. I want to change the security policy's user rights assignments. However, I can't change the designation in the Effective Setting column in the Local Security Settings' User Rights Assignments, which Figure 2 shows. I can change the Local Setting, but that doesn't accomplish anything because the Effective Setting isn't changed. Given that I have Administrator privileges, how can I change the setting?

Effective Setting is always a read-only column that shows the actual settings for your computer after all relevant Group Policy Objects (GPOs) have been applied. In your case, only the local GPO is applied. You must configure settings through the Local Setting column, then type

secedit/refreshpolicy machine_policy

at the command line. Win2K then reapplies Group Policy. The computer's local GPO is the first object Win2K applies and, in your situation, the only one—because your computer isn't a member of an Active Directory (AD) domain. Then, right-click Security Settings and select Reload. The Effective Setting should now match the Local Setting.

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