ABC Prepares for Super Bowl HD Extravaganza

Football fans are already quite familiar with HDTV presentations, but this year's Super Bowl will be the most impressive HD event of all time, with multiple camera angles, dozens of HD commercials, and the largest worldwide viewership ever. Indeed, SuperBowl XL (40) will be one of the most technologically advanced events ever, with the possible exception of Bill Gates' last birthday party. The HD cameras used at the event are all outfitted with Canon's latest image-stabilization technology, for the most stable possible image. They're also going to include amazing zoom capabilities, providing viewers with in-close action shots that will actually catch the sweat on a player's face under his helmet. And a new slow-motion HD camera will be used for action sequences, which can be recorded at 180 frames per second in 1080i quality. Even if you're not into football—and really, shame on you for that—you should tune in to Super Bowl XL for a look at the future of TV

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