3 Last Minute Microsoft-Nokia Deal Changes

3 Last Minute Microsoft-Nokia Deal Changes

You've probably already heard the news from somewhere, but if not, Microsoft will finally complete its acquisition of several Nokia properties on Friday, April 25, 2013. The last steps necessary have been finalized and Nokia Devices and Services will become Microsoft Mobile. So sorry to those who were hoping for NokiaSoft or Microkia. Paul dug into the details this morning and you can read about those here: With Nokia Purchase Imminent, Microsoft Begins Alerting Customers, Partners.

The last steps to complete confirmation of the deal were some minor (but interesting) adjustments in the original deal.

It was originally rumored that all employees from Nokia's Chief Technology Office would continue with Nokia, however, the final agreement will shift 21 Chinese employees to Microsoft.

During first rumors, it was reported that Microsoft might include the outright acquisition of a Nokia Korean manufacturing facility, but that will not be included in the final agreement .

The last change is the most intriguing and doesn't seem to be on par with the other two changes. Microsoft will take over and manage both the Nokia.com domain and all of Nokia's social media efforts for the next year. Apparently, those employees migrating to Microsoft would have left Nokia in the lurch, leaving the remaining company with no expertise in web and marketing. I'm sure Nokia will be on the lookout for some qualified social media marketers and web developers. We'll have to watch, but there are a few that look like potential matches.

Source: Microsoft

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