1E Introduces MyWorkNow: Smart, Efficient Virtual Provisioning for Windows Desktops

1E Introduces MyWorkNow: Smart, Efficient Virtual Provisioning for Windows Desktops

1E today has announced the release of a brand new product called MyWorkNow. I spoke with the 1E folks last week about this release and have more to share about this ingenious product than delivered in today's press release.

If you're looking to read the press release, it's here: 1E Addresses Bring Your Own PC Market Need with Launch of MyWorkNow: Fast, Secure, Low-Cost Alternative to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

At its core, MyWorkNow is a virtual PC technology, but 1E has invented features into its product that turns mundane client virtualization into something a whole lot more. MyWorkNow utilizes security authentication channels to stream virtual Window images from the Cloud to remote computers. Called Fastboot OS Streaming, when an image delivery is initiated, it works like a Netflix stream, where you don’t have to wait for the entire image to deliver before starting to use it. So you can go from nothing to running in 15 minutes or less (depending on the speed of the network connection). And, even more, most virtual PC technologies these days require a connection to a desktop hosted in a private or public Cloud. Unlike VDI, MyWorkNow delivers the image to run in a virtual environment on the local computer, so no network connection is needed once the image delivery is complete, it just runs locally and offline.

MyWorkNow images support Windows XP through Windows 8. For those companies that are still harboring Windows XP computers, MyWorkNow allows Windows XP images to run on more modern operating systems versions to ensure application compatibility. MyWorkNow runs on Mac and PC and can be managed through a desktop management framework, which also means that it will work directly with System Center Configuration Manager.

Some great use cases for MyWorkNow:

  • Standard corporate desktops deliver to 3rd parties who work for the company by are not employed by the company, i.e. contractors.
  • BYOPC – End-users' own PCs can run the corporate image without mixing personal and work data.
  • Delivering Windows images to Mac users.

Visit the 1E MyWorkNow page for more information: http://www.1e.com/myworknow-virtual-machine-software/



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