1byOne Foldable Universal Bluetooth Keyboard


As our devices continue their trend towards small and portable more users are performing quite a bit of work on these small form factor devices using only the onscreen keyboard.

Those on screen keyboards are quite functional and can allow you to get a lot done but they are not well suited for more than short messages, tweets or quick email replies.

In response to this quite a few companies have come out with compact keyboards that connect via Bluetooth which allow you to be more productive when you are on the go with these small devices.

Over the last few weeks I have been testing 1byOne's Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS, Android, Windows, PC, Tablets and Smartphones.

This universal keyboard has a unique form factor in that it is a tri-fold unit and the case is made out of metal instead of plastic or other materials.  When it is folded up and thrown in your bag it will be safe from bending or similar issues.

The 1byOne keyboard is charged via MicroUSB and has a 210mAh battery that is listed to last for over 100 days in standby mode and for 64 hours of constant use.

Over on Amazon it has 158 reviews for an average score of 4.5 Stars and 92% of the reviews are 4 Stars or higher.

I find it a comfortable keyboard to use although the combination of the battery hump and the hinges keep the left and right side of the keyboard up off the surface it is setting on. That can result in some wobble but it is not a show stopper.

The keyboard has a suggested retail price of $58.99 but currently sells on Amazon for $36.99 and comes in a black or silver color option.


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