10 Signs You've Used Windows XP Too Long

10 Signs You've Used Windows XP Too Long

April 8, 2014 is the deadline for support for those still using Windows XP. After that date, well, support is on you. If you have computer problems after the deadline, I'm sure someone will try to help you, but most will steer you toward a new computer with a newer operating system.

It's tough to get people to switch when they either see no need (because everything works just fine), or they don't believe the investment is worthwhile. However, all it takes is a single vulnerability to stop Windows XP dead, and many are suggesting that hackers and virus writers are just biding their time for April 8 so they can release a massive amount of new malware.

Whatever the case, Windows XP was released in October 2001. That makes the operating system version almost 13 years old. If Windows XP were a car, you'd have watched the odometer roll over 250,000 by now and be seriously thinking about getting a new car, if you haven't already. Think of it this way…is that car safe enough to keep as a hand-me-down for your kids or grandkids? Windows XP is no different. Windows XP has seen good days and definitely provided much value, but like a car, it's time to junk it and move on.

Yeah, it's tough to get people to move on. Sometimes the inhibitor is a fear of change, sometimes it's clinging to sentimental value. But, through human nature, one thing tends to wake people up to the truth more than anything else: being made fun of. If you tell a co-worker that the hat they just bought is ugly (with humor, of course), there's a strong chance they may never wear it again.

The next time you find someone using Windows XP (co-worker, family member, or friend), here's some one-liners you can use to, hopefully, help them realize that it's time to move on. After all, friends don't let friends use Windows XP.

  1. Hey, I saw your exact computer model used in a crime reenactment on the History Channel.
  2. I just heard that the Geek Squad has had your phone number legally blocked.
  3. The Smithsonian asked if you'd be willing to donate your computer as an exhibit.
  4. Do you use a calendar instead of a clock to measure boot-up time?
  5. Dude, I've never seen an actual screen saver burned into a monitor before.
  6. Your computer's so old the serial number is only 2 digits.
  7. You still have unconverted Lotus 1-2-3 files on the hard drive.
  8. I saw your computer sitting under glass on an episode of Pawn Stars last night.
  9. Are you on your very last AOL installation CD yet?
  10. Why does your web cam only takes pictures in black-and-white?

Can you think of some of your own? I'd love to hear them.

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