Making Sure MDAC Works

Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) consists of the core technologies in Microsoft's Windows Distributed interNet Applications (Windows DNA) architecture, which the company designed to enable enterprisewide, high-performance data access. You can download MDAC, which Microsoft also bundles with many of its products, at

Having trouble figuring out which parts of MDAC you have installed or whether some components are missing files or are broken? You're not alone. But here's some good news: Microsoft recently released a tool called Component Checker to help you verify your installed version of MDAC. Component Checker performs a complete MDAC checkup, telling you which components you have installed, which versions of those components you're running, and whether they're working or not. Component Checker runs on Windows 2000 (Win2K), Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 9x. You can download the tool at

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