JSI Tip 9078. How do I obtain the latest version of a Microsoft product for Macintosh computers?

To get the latest security,   stability, and performance enhancements for Microsoft products for the Macintosh, visit


NOTE: This above Web page maintains links to each download file, and has installation instructions, and support information.

Currently, the following Microsoft products for the Macintosh are available:

• Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Standard Edition 
• Microsoft Office X for Mac Standard Edition 
• Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac 
• Microsoft Office 98 for Macintosh 
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac OS X 
• MSN Messenger for Mac 
• Microsoft Outlook Express 5.06 for Macintosh 
• Microsoft Outlook 2001 for Mac 
• Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection for Macintosh 
• Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X 
• Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Version 6.1 
• Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Version 7

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