How do I add the services for Macintosh?

A. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Start up Control Panel (Start - Settings - Control Panel)
  2. Double click on Network, and select the Services Tab
  3. Click Add and select "Services for Macintosh"
  4. Put in the NT CD and click continue
  5. Click close to finish
  6. Once copying is complete the AppleTalk Protocol Properties sheet will be displayed, and you should choose which Network card it is to be bound to. If there are Macintosh currently connected then and AppleTalk zone will be displayed, if not you will need to perform the following
    - Select the Routing Tab, and check "enable routing" if you have multiple network adapters
    - For each network card you should choose the AppleTalk Phase 2 network number and default zone (which can be added by clicking the Add button at the bottom)
  7. After the configuration is completed you will be prompted to reboot your machine
  8. Once the machine has restarted you will have Macintosh file and print services.

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