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A Mac Ad You'll Never See

This is what can happen in the real world when someone actually follows Walter Mossberg's advice about switching to the Mac:

[Mac,] you broke. Three and a half weeks after I got you, I came home and your screen was dark and you wouldn't switch on. Thank goodness I'd just put PC aside, instead of putting him on the curb like I'd planned.

After 25 years using PCs, I bought a 24-inch iMac in December. And I was impressed before I even plugged it in -- it came in one slim box, instead of a stack of them. I had it up and running in about three minutes, and was on my wireless network a minute after that.

It took me a while, but I got all my stuff transferred -- mostly files for iTunes and Word and Photoshop. My biggest problem was with Mozy, the program I use for remote backup. I loved it on the PC, but it was really slow on the Mac. Brought everything to a crawl, and crashed sometimes.

I came home and you were broken. Bad power supply. I called Apple and they had me take you into the shop. I got you back a week later. No offense, Mac, but I was hoping not to be acquainted with your technical-support folks quite so soon.

So what's the point? That Mac stink? No. Macs are great. But they're susceptible to the same issues that sometimes plague PCs. If you think everything is magically going to be better by switching to the Mac, you're in for a rude awakening. I assume you've heard the one about the grass being greener...

And let me tell you a little joke sometime about the time that Apple used a WSJ review to claim that Leopard was "faster" that Vista, but that the reviewer had done his Vista testing on a notebook with known problems. It's even funnier than this one. Really.

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