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Lyzasoft Enhances Data Collaboration Tool

Lyzasoft has announced Lyza 2.0. This version lets groups within an enterprise synthesize data from many sources, visually analyze the data, and socialize their findings among the workgroup via a self-serve model. New features include micro-tiling, improved user format controls, ad hoc visual data drilling, n-dimensional charting, advanced sorting controls, and a range of functions for adding custom fields to charts. Lyza 2.0 also introduces new collaboration features, letting users interact with content in the form of blogs, charts, tables, dashboards, and collections. 

"Lyzasoft’s concept of bringing social networking and Web 2.0 models together with BI in one solution has significant potential," said Allen Bonde, managing director at Evoke CRM Partners. "This unique approach will turn the traditional BI model inside out, where a community model facilitates sharing of ideas, influence is the new currency, and relevant information and insights are available more quickly to a much broader audience,” Bonde said.

Lyza costs $400 for a one-year subscription and $2,000 per user for a perpetual license and one year of support. To learn more, visit

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