Luna SA Hardware Security Module Secures SQL Server 2008 Keys by Keeping Them Away from Data

Are you guilty of storing your servers' master cryptographic keys in your database software? Well now you have the option to store your SQL Server 2008 systems' keys on SafeNet's Luna SA hardware security module (HSM).  Luna SA is a network-attached hardware key management solution that secures SQL Server 2008 keys by keeping them separate from the server. You can attach Luna SA to multiple servers.

"SafeNet's Luna SA provides organizations using SQL Server 2008 additional security features to help meet today's ever-evolving data threats and compliance mandates," said Mark Jewett, the director of SQL Server marketing at Microsoft. "Organizations can add a layer of security technology that protects keys to be separate from the data it protects while accelerating complex features such as key rotation." 

SafeNet's Luna PCI HSM, a high security cryptographic PCI accelerator card that offers enhanced security, accelerated cryptographic performance, and CPU offload, now supports SQL Server 2008 as well.  Luna SA and Luna PCI can be used together and are components of SafeNet's Enterprise Data Protection solution. For more information about these products, visit

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