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Los Angeles

I flew to LA today for the Windows Server 2008 launch event tomorrow ("Heroes Happen Here"). I think these photos neatly summarize my day thus far:


5:55 am, Logan Airport, Boston. It's unclear to me why I flew so early today, but my guess is that it was the only direct flight still available. Not a morning person. BTW: I always take a picture of where I parked, having done the embarrassing "can't find the car after a trip" thing one too many times.


Descending into LA, I finally opened the window and was struck by how green it was. We were getting ready for some horrific snow/rain mix in Boston when I left, and it was 28 degrees out. Here? 73.


A familiar sight: LAX. Followed by a painfully familiar tradition:Wait for shuttle. Get in shuttle. Get increasingly aggravated as the guy circles LAX again and again until the shuttle is full. Elapsed time from landing to arrival at hotel: Almost 2 hours. Grr. I didn't even check a bag.


View from the hotel room, and time to post the stuff I worked on while on the plane, including an UPDATE article and a revision to the SuperSite navigational menus. (Yeah, I'm still working on that.)

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