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LogicNP Software Releases 2 Software Development Product Updates: Shell MegaPack 2012 and Crypto Obfuscator for .Net 2011 R3

LogicNP Software , a provider of .NET software development products, recently announced the release of new versions of two of its products: Shell MegaPack 2012 and Crypto Obfuscator for .Net 2011 R3.  Shell MegaPack 2012 is a set of controls that lets developers replicate the Windows shell UI in their applications. CryptoObfuscator for .Net 2011 R3 provides obfuscation, encryption, and optimization techniques to protect code developed in any .NET-supported language (e.g., C#, VB.NET, Managed C++, J#) from reverse engineering.

Shell MegaPack 2012 is available in .NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and ActiveX editions. It allows you to add a Windows Explorer " clone " to a Windows Form, ASP.NET, or WPF application. The product includes various controls, such as FolderView—a Windows Explorer–like folder browser control, FileView—an Explorer–like folder and file browser control, ShComboBox—an Explorer–like drive-selection combo box/address bar, and additional shell functions.

New in CryptoObfuscator for .Net 2011 R3 is an automatic exception-reporting feature, which makes it easy to catch unhandled exceptions and for users to report such exceptions. The exception reports include pertinent information, such as full stack trace information along with the values of all method arguments and local variables, system information, and optional developer-defined custom data (e.g., log files, screenshots). All exception reports can be automatically downloaded from the exception-reporting service and viewed within Crypto Obfuscator.

You can learn more about Shell MegaPack 2012 here and CryptoObfuscator for .Net 2011 R3 here and download trial versions of the products on LogicNP Software's Downloads page.


Shell MegaPack 2012 from LogicNP Software
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