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Ubuntu 7.10 is here

Just a quick reminder that Ubuntu Linux 7.10 has arrived. I downloaded the installer ISO overnight and will likely install it in a VM today on the way to Washington D.C. (I'm taking the Amtrak Acela, which is a personal favorite, and it's a great time to get work done.) Anyway, here's an interesting but quick (if overly gushing) overview and screenshot gallery of the new version from Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at ZDNet blogs:

Ubuntu 7.10 is one sweet OS.  Visually, it isn’t all that different to [the previous version].  The theme has been tweaked and is easier on the eye but overall the look is pretty much the same.  Anyone used to Feisty should feel completely at home with 7.10.

One of the aspects of Gutsy that feels much improved over previous versions is speed.  Everything feels faster and snappier, from loading up the OS to clicking on menus.  At first I thought that this was an illusion (new things always seem faster) but then I loaded up the Live CDs for both Gutsy and Feisty on the same system and 7.10 has a significant performance advantage over 7.04.  Everywhere I look, I can’t help but be impressed.

But there’s more to Gutsy than just a tune up.  there are a number of new and improved features.

Obviously, I need to review this. It's a busy time, and I've got a Leopard to bring down to reality, but this seems important to me.

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