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Open Source AJAX App Development and Deployment Solution

Visual WebGui, developers of an AJAX enterprise application development and deployment platform, announced the availability of their enhanced browser-based solution.

 AJAX is a combination of JavaScript and XML technologies that allows the content of a Web page to be updated without reloading the entire page. This enables browser-based applications to behave like software applications. Though AJAX provides a rich and full application experience for users, AJAX s penetration into the enterprise market has been hampered due to time-consuming development complexities and security concerns. Specifically, developers have had difficulty developing complex enterprise applications that offer standard browser accessibility, uniform performance, offline operability, and a quick migration of legacy applications to Web, and are challenged by a potential client-side lack of industrial strength and security breaches. Visual WebGui solves the development setbacks associated with AJAX by providing developers with a Rapid Application Development solution with full WinForms support. Visual WebGui provides their Software Developer s Kit (SDK) free as open-sourced software. The company also provides complete support and utilization of all .NET capabilities. Visual WebGui solves the security issues known in AJAX-developed enterprise applications by eliminating client-side service consumption and business logic processing using the empty client concept.

 The company s standard browser-based platform is available as a free, open-source solution and as an enterprise-grade commercial solution (available April 2008). Visual WebGui, which integrates into Microsoft s Visual Studio and .NET Framework, also provides a Silverlight solution supported by Microsoft. For more information about the company or to download Visual WebGui, visit the company s Web site.


Visual WebGui

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