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JSI Tip 1974. Samba Linux Server causes PDC and BDC to appear as workstations, and to not function?

If your network has two or more BDCs, and you add a Samba Linux Server, Server Manager may display one BDC and the PDC as Workstations.

If you run NET ACCOUNTS on these servers, they properly report their role.

When you run NET ACCOUNTS /SYNC, the event log records:

There are currently no logon servers available

When you try to use Server Manager to add a machine account, promote a BDC, or synchronize the domain, your are greeted with:

The tag is invalid

When you try to start the Netlogon service, you receive:

Error 3097 - A Primary Domain Controller is already running for this domain.

These troubles are caused by the Samba Server being configured as a PDC.

A Windows NT domain can have only one PDC.

To correct the problem:

1. Temporarily remove the Samba Server from the network.

2. Start the Netlogon service on the PDC.

3. Edit the Smb.conf (Samba configuration) file and set:

domain master = no
preferred master = no
domain logons = no


4. Return the Samba Server to the network.

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