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ITPro Today's Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet covers common Linux commands and their basic usage, making it a valuable resource for both newcomers and experienced users seeking a handy reference.

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Linux commands within the terminal are well-regarded for their utility and versatility. They are fundamental tools for effectively navigating and managing the Linux operating system. However, understanding and using these commands can be challenging for newcomers.

Mastering Linux terminal commands can be more demanding than learning similar tools in other environments. The command-line interface presents a unique way of interacting with the system, emphasizing text-based instructions rather than graphical elements. This approach, while powerful, requires some getting used to.

To help both newcomers and those seeking a handy reference, we’ve compiled a concise cheat sheet that covers common Linux commands and their basic usage. These commands enable users to perform various tasks from the terminal, including the following:

  • Displaying systems information
  • Navigating files and folders
  • Changing user and group permissions
  • Downloading from the internet

Whether you are new to the Linux terminal or wish to brush up on your knowledge, cheat sheets are excellent resources for supporting the learning process and providing quick references. Download our free Linux Commands Cheat Sheet below to get started.

Download the cheat sheet

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