How can I remove the Linux LILO Boot Manager?

A. Linux has its own boot manager which is stored in the Master Boot Record (MBR) which allows dual booting between Linux and other operating systems (such as NT).

To remove LILO from within Linux use the command below if LILO is installed on the MBR of the master drive on the primary IDE controller:

lilo -u /dev/hda

To remove from a SCSI drive use /dev/sdan where a is which drive in the chain (so a is the first) and n is which partition on the drive (starting with 1), n can be left off if there are not multiple partitions on the drive, e.g.

lilo -u /dev/sda

If Linux is no longer installed it can be removed by booting to DOS and typing the command

C:\> fdisk /mbr

You may want to backup the MBR first using the Resource Kit utility DISKSAVE.EXE.

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