Columnist Mark Russinovich to Speak at LinuxWorld

Windows NT Magazine contributing editor and columnist Mark Russinovich will discuss the merits of Windows NT during a Linux vs. Windows NT question and answer/debate session at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, February 1 through 4, 2000, in New York City. Rawn Shaw, LinuxWorld Webzine reporter, will moderate the session, which will take place on Friday, February 4 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. A representative from each camp will answer questions addressed to them by the moderator. The questions will mostly be of a technical nature selected from a list of key questions provided by the opposing side. Each side will have 10 questions with 3 minutes to answer each question. A final 10-minute block is available for any open questions from the public. As an NT internals guru, Mark is well-respected in the IT industry, and some consider him to be the closest thing the NT community has to a Linus Torvald. He has been outspoken and even critical of NT's shortcomings, and he's written articles discussing NT's origins growing out of VMS as well as articles comparing NT to UNIX. At the same time, Mark has aroused ire of the Linux community with his critiques of Linux internals. Mark has coauthored many popular utilities for NT and works as an NT internals researcher for a large company.

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