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BSD or Linux?

Lots of people have told us they're integrating Linux into their environments. Recently four Linux vendors (MandrakeSoft, TurboLinux, Conectiva, and Progeny Linux Systems) announced the formation of the Linux Core Consortium who will work to create a common core for Linux distributions. Novell, Sun, HP, IBM, Computer Associates, Free Standards Group, and Open Source Development Labs have also expressed support for the new consortium.

I wonder how many of you have or will integrate BSD? Many people contend that BSD is a much safer operating system than Linux and there are a few BSD distributions available (OpenBSD, FreeBSD , NetBSD ) that pride themselves on security right out of the box. Even Apple Mac OS X is based on BSD.

What's your opinion? Have you evaluated BSD? Are you considering using it? Do you think the available security is stronger than the available Linux platforms? Is Linux is better positioned for use in your enterprise in terms of management? Post your opinion in the comment section below.

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