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From the launch

It's been a long day at the launch event; sorry for the silence in here today. Overall, it was a decent event, if a bit long. I basically had meetings all afternoon, but most of them were very interesting and, of course, fodder for future articles, which is always good.

I took a few photos but it might be a while before the non-iPhone pictures are uploaded: You'll laugh, but I forgot my camera's sync cable and, ta da, as previously noted the Macbook doesn't have any media card slot. It's been a while since I've had to worry about that.

I've run into a lot of old friends and acquaintances already, and I'm sure there will be more at this evening's party: Bob Stein from Activewin. Steve Bink from ZDNet's George Ou. Alex Pournelle. And of course Karen and Mike from Penton.

Anyway. I'll have more later. I need to post something and then it's off to dinner and then the launch party.

A few random pictures, all from very early this morning (pre-launch):

Sunrise from the hotel.

Magic Johnson statue in front of the Staples Center.

I mentioned how insanely nice the weather is here, right? Good.

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