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Las Vegas Day 2, WL Writer Test, NoDo on AT&T, Apple Stuff

Good morning from Las Vegas.

I’m testing Windows Live Writer access to this blog: It won’t work (yet) on the main SuperSite—I can’t wait—but I was just told it does work on the blog, and obviously doing so will make a big difference. So here goes nothing.

Starting with something that never worked for me before: Image uploads. Here are some shots from Vegas.

View from Yellowtail at the Bellagio

Sushi at Yellowtail

Hopefully that just works. Moving on….

The long-awaited “NoDo” update for Windows Phone is finally starting to go out to some AT&T users.

Apple would like a federal judge to dismiss the FairPlay DRM antitrust case against it.

Apple sued Samsung this week, alleging that the latter company’s Galaxy Tab product “blatantly” copies the iPad. But BI has an interesting report on why it thinks Apple is really suing Samsung: It’s trying to remove Android’s biggest advantage (it’s “free” cost) by keeping Samsung hung up in expensive court proceedings. And let’s face it: Apple can afford to do this for just about forever.

Related: Samsung says it will countersue. How American.

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