JSI Tip 9717. RgpRefresh.exe freeware is a command-line utility to remotely refresh group policy.

Download Rgprefresh.zip and unzip Rgprefresh.exe to a folder that is in your PATH.

NOTE: You need the .Net Framework 1.1 installed on the machine where you run this utility from.

When you type Rgprefresh /?, you receive:

Remote Group Policy Update Utility for Win2K & XP/2003, v. 1.0
by Darren Mar-Elia, gpoguy.com. All rights reserved.

Description: Refreshes Group Policy Computer Settings Remotely. Automatically detects whether target is Win2K, XP or W2K3

Syntax: RGPrefresh \[/m:\{ComputerName\}\] \[/u:\{username\}\] \[/p:\{password\}\] \[/force\] \[/logoff\] \[/boot\] \[/sync\]


Value               Description
/m:\{ComputerName\}   Specifies the target computer for Group Policy Refresh

/t:\{Computer|User\}  Specifies whether to refresh computer-specific policy user-specific policy. For both, don't specify an option.
                    Note that the both option only works on XP & Server 2003

/u:\{username\}       Specifies alternate credentials to use when connecting to remote machine. 
                    Required when you don't have admin rights on target

/p:\{password\}       Specifies password when using alternate credentials

/force              Specifies to force Group Policy update regardless of whether GPOs have changed

/logoff             (for XP and 2003 only) For policies that require a logon (e.g. sw installation, folder redirection),
                    forces a logoff after policy refresh

/boot               (for XP and 2003 only) For machine policy that requires a reboot,
                    this option will reboot the target after policy processing completes

/sync               (for XP and 2003 only) Causes the next foreground policy application to be done synchronously

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