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LogicMonitor Grows Observability Intelligence with Event Management

Observability is moving into AIOps with the new Dexda event management capabilities that are coming to LogicMonitor.

LogicMonitor is expanding its observability efforts with its 2023 Summer Launch that integrates a series of new event monitoring and AIOps capabilities into its LM Envision platform.

The LM Envision observability platform benefits from new capabilities designed to improve intelligence and automation. Key parts of the update include user interface modernization to help users better search and filter, expanded cloud support with more AWS and Azure dashboards, log ingest and filter simplification, and new digital experience monitoring capabilities.

As part of the 2023 Summer update, LogicMonitor is also introducing Dexda, event monitoring technology that will provide new forms of event correlation to help automate actions.

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Extensibility and integration with other IT tools are also core components of the LogicMonitor update. Among the integrations are:

  • Event-driven Ansible integration
  • Improved VMware vSphere support
  • Cisco Meraki and Catalyst SD-WAN monitoring
  • Kubernetes monitoring
  • SaaS monitoring

"Enterprises are — seemingly always — facing tool sprawl as a challenge," Christina Kosmowski, CEO of LogicMonitor, told ITPro Today. "They need their tech stack to do a lot, and they're relying on their tools to make integration and interoperability seamless.

"IT managers should seek solutions that play well with the tech they are already using, which is no longer nice-to-have," she added. "It's a need."

How Dexda Helps to Improve LogicMonitor

Dexda is technology that LogicMonitor acquired in 2021 when it purchased its namesake enterprise, which was primarily a big data and machine learning (ML) predictive fault identification company, according to Kosmowski. Over the last two years, LogicMonitor has been building on Dexda's existing capabilities to enable the next evolution of AIOps, she said.

Dexda is a stand-alone product that takes events from LM Envision and transforms them into episodes. Dexda clusters these together to take users from just being alerted to issues to augmenting actions.

"Customers want their solutions to be customizable, so we now allow Dexda admins to fine-tune and build models to meet their specific needs," Kosmowski said. "It's more integrated and easier to act on alerts than ever before."

Datapoint Analysis Boosts Observability Intelligence

Another key part of the LogicMonitor update is a new datapoint analysis capability.

Kosmowski said that before this update, customers were investing time and effort to gather related metrics to diagnose an issue. The new datapoint analysis feature instead uses cutting-edge machine learning to streamline metrics from multiple resources, then takes it a step further by identifying a shared pattern that arose during an incident, she said.

"This will help customers reduce the mean time to resolution and ultimately increase productivity," Kosmowski said. "We're continuously looking for ways to help customers understand their data, and this is just one of them."

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