XportBand: Export Microsoft Band Data to GPX File Format

XportBand: Export Microsoft Band Data to GPX File Format

Bikers and runners know how important it is to be able to export and import data into various fitness services. Microsoft does a fairly good job providing partner connections to allow the Microsoft Band collected data to show up in other places – however, what about those services that Microsoft doesn’t currently partner with? The fitness service market is huge and there’s thousands of service to choose from. The Microsoft Health dashboard does provide the ability to export data in Excel or .csv formats, but not in GPX or TCX format – which are assumed fitness service industry standards.

A new app in the Windows store seeks to fix this. Called XportBand (link HERE), the app author provides the ability to connect to your personal Microsoft Health dashboard, retrieve information by activity type and date range, see details of each session downloaded, and then export specific GPS-tracked activities to GPX files – which are great for importing into services not part of the current list of Microsoft Health integrations.

This is clearly a first-shot at the app because the interface is a bit confusing and muddled, but once you figure out how to navigate the app, it’s pretty powerful – and it works!

The author says he’s working to bring TCX exports to the app and also provide direct export to other specific services. Let’s hope he works on the UI a bit, too.

Give it a try and let me know what you think:  XportBand

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