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What Is a Digital Supply Chain? An SAP Exec Answers.

The software company’s president of digital supply chain and manufacturing discusses the ramifications of weaving a digital thread from warehouses to the final customer.

Casually reflecting on how an everyday object, whether it’s a glass bottle or smartphone, came into being can be mind-bending. On the one hand, there’s the flow from idea to a product on the production-line to warehouses and distribution centers. On the other is the similar flow of raw materials or components needed to manufacture the good in question. “It’s a very fluid movement, which supply chain professionals really love,” said Hala Zeine, president of digital supply chain and manufacturing at SAP. “And most of us as humans, when we see it, we’re always in complete awe.”

But as Zeine’s title suggests, she is focused on digitizing the traditional supply chain. Essentially, that involves weaving a digital thread throughout the various links in the supply chain. “I want to entangle the physical and digital world so that you can manipulate the physical world digitally,” she said. “And you can enhance it, you can simulat

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