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Two Unofficial Microsoft Band 2 Charging Stands

Two Unofficial Microsoft Band 2 Charging Stands

Earlier, Rich talked about a recently available charging stand for Microsoft Band v2. The stand is available for purchase from the Microsoft Store and seems to come with Microsoft’s official blessing. Read about it here: Hands On with the new Microsoft Band 2 Charging Stand.

When I first saw the new Band 2 charging stand I wondered if Microsoft might do something similar to what it has done with the Surface Pro 4 and supply the 3D print files. That’s not happened (yet), but I came across a couple 3D print files for a couple different Band 2 charging stand designs. Both designs were created by muddtt and posted to And, if you don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can also order these fully “printed” from Shapeways.

Option 1

3D print files:

Shapeways ($25):

Option 2

3D print files:

Shapeways ($20):

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