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Syfy Wire Comes to Amazon’s Alexa

Syfy Wire Comes to Amazon’s Alexa

Are you a Science Fiction buff? Comic book or comic book movie fan?

Syfy Wire today has announced a new Alexa skill that you can enable for your Alexa devices. According to Syfy Wire…

The Syfy Wire skill comes complete with interviews and audio versions of the mini-documentaries we do (fancy word for the videos that are quasi-long, at least for the internet). Not to mention our weekly podcast, Who Won the Week. Our daily flash briefing will bring you the latest geek news from the worlds of movies, TV, comics, science and pretty much anything that relates to it.


We even built in some Easter eggs, so feel free to ask a few of your favorite geeky questions — the answers might surprise you.

You can locate and enable the skill using the following instructions:

Alexa Tip: Enabling Skills

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