Store Up to Eight Notes of Information on Your Microsoft Band

Store Up to Eight Notes of Information on Your Microsoft Band

Having important information at hand (or on-wrist) is always a big value and that’s one of the reasons why we constantly carry around our smartphones. But, the pieces of information we need to have handy really doesn’t result in pages and pages of information. Usually what we need to know can be stored in a few lines of data.

There’s been a few attempts at providing special note storing apps for the Microsoft Band over the last couple years since the Band was released, but the offerings were limited in function.  A new one, merely called “Notes on Band” is pretty simple but also effective.

Using an app on your smartphone, you can enter up to 8 custom notes and then sync those notes to your Microsoft Band so they are available on your wrist for a quick glance. According to the developer, the maximum number of pages supported per Microsoft Band tile is 8 pages, hence, the app will probably never provide more notes than it currently supports.

Get it here: Notes on Band

The app supports both Band 1 and Band 2 and this is only for Windows Phone users. Sorry Android and iOS – you’ll have to search your particularly app stores for a similar app – but, I know they exist.

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