Source: There were only 30,000 Microsoft Bands produced for initial release

Source: There were only 30,000 Microsoft Bands produced for initial release

This might just explain the challenging stock situation that Microsoft faced when they first released the Microsoft Band last fall.

The SuperSite for Windows has learned that Microsoft may have only had an initial production run of 30,000 units for the Microsoft Band release.

If you combine that very low number of devices with the immediate popularity of the device then it is easy to understand the stock availability issues that Microsoft faced early on in the Band’s availability.

Since then Microsoft has ramped up production of the fitness tracker/smartphone companion as they have recently expanded their distribution channels to include Amazon, Best Buy and Target here in the US and it will be available in the UK for the first time beginning on 15 April 2015.

Placing a new hardware device into the market is likely a different experience today at the software giant after the Surface business took a nearly $1 billion dollar write down after producing too many Surface RT and Surface 2 devices a few years ago.

It almost dictates that any new hardware for the company consists of testing the waters with a low production run and then ramping up after the initial response is measured.

Although this process may have frustrated customers because they could not get the device it certainly allowed Microsoft to get the right read before committing to the Band long-term.

We did reach out to Microsoft for an official comment on this story and received the following from a Microsoft spokesperson:

“It is Microsoft’s policy to not disclose production numbers. We have seen a great response to the Microsoft Band and continue to get devices on the wrists of customers as quickly as possible. Last month, we announced a broad expansion which included increased inventory in Microsoft stores and Customers are encouraged to visit their local Microsoft store or to experience and purchase Microsoft Band.”

Personally, I am glad they decided to move forward with the Band as it is a great device with a lot of potential. How about you?

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